LITEE began in 1996 when Dr. P.K. Raju and Dr. Chetan Sankar realized that their curricula, in the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering and College of Business respectively, offered no classroom-based development of leadership skills for their students. Findings from ABET and the NSF showed that educators needed to find a new method of teaching engineering students so that graduates could meet the changing expectations for engineers. Through grants obtained from the NSF and various industrial sources, Drs. Raju and Sankar worked together to develop a technology management curriculum between their two schools using LITEE as the touchstone for their project.

As LITEE continued to develop, the word about its new innovative method of teaching engineering and business students spread. The success of the program at Auburn University made educators and industry personnel alike rethink how they worked. LITEE spread its program to other colleges and universities, where it found the same success it had at Auburn. The team at LITEE developed more case studies and expanded to create journals, publish books and articles, and hold workshops to share the information the LITEE team had worked so hard to gather and develop.

Today, the LITEE curriculum is being used in colleges and universities all over the United States.