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LITEE has developed a curriculum made up of instructional materials and teaching strategies that bring real-world issues into classrooms. Composed of both graduate and undergraduate courses, the curriculum uses the work of graduate students in collaboration with professors and industrial experts to create the case studies used in the undergraduate classes.

With the help of Auburn University’s College of Business and Samuel Ginn College of Engineering, LITEE has implemented instructional materials and strategies in Mechanical Engineering, Management Information Systems, and Business-Engineering-Technology curricula.

The links in the side navigation guide you through the LITEE curriculum piece by piece. Links to class websites, such as that for ENGR 1110, MNGT 3140, and MECH 7990, provide a visual understanding of LITEE in the classroom through course maps and syllabi. Links to projects done in all levels of coursework show the results of LITEE in the classroom and an idea of what students are capable of doing both in school and in the community. The books written by Dr. Raju and Dr. Sankar are also provided here, as well as an instructor support system. Finally, statistics that have been collected by LITEE are provided to show how well students respond to LITEE’s program.