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MECH 6970/ MNGT 6960

Course Map 6970

Course Map for MECH 6970/ MNGT 6960


This course prepares students for an intensive research program that instructs them on using research methodologies to analyze a problem that happened in an industry, come up with solutions, and then document it using a multi-media case study. It consists of a defined sequence of class room sessions combined with real-world project based activities. The classroom sessions are interactive, intense, and intimate and provide the students with the broad base of knowledge they need to develop a multi-media case study. It teaches the students to how to develop case-studies when working with a team. The students will also work on the follow case studies in order to understand how to analyze a case study:

  1. Mauritius auditorium design Case study
  2. Lorn case study

They are also taught on how to develop the multi-media case study by hands-on sessions on case study template. The project activities give the students valuable experience in leading teams and working with industry managers and engineers on issues of relevance to technology-based organizations. The real-world focus of this course allows the students to apply what they learned in this class to their future jobs.


Course map for MECH 6970/MNGT 6960