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LITEE cases involved

LITEE cases involved

The following are the case studies used in the MECH 6970 /MNGT 6960


Della Steam Plant

Company : Alabama Power Company

Problem studied: A turbine generator unit that was being restarted after routine maintenance produced such high levels of noise and vibration that the building had to be evacuated. A video in the CD-ROM includes a demonstration of the effect of 17 mils of vibration on a 10 pound rotor kit, thereby enabling students to visualize the vibration of a 120,000 pound piece of equipment. Two of the engineers make conflicting recommendations to the manager. The students are asked to assume roles representing the engineers and manager involved, make a recommendation, and defend their position.

Leadership skills emphasized: Share, access, and interpret large volume of information about rotor vibrations, inventiveness in interpreting charts, decision trees, teamwork

Obtaining the Case Study: PDF, Multimedia CD-ROM, Online

Challenger STS 51-L

Company: NASA

Problem studied: Design of the field joint of the Solid Rocket Booster used in the Space Shuttle Challenger. The multimedia CD-ROM traces the design and implementation of the field joint from 1972 to 1986 and shows that the design chosen during 1980s was found to be catastrophically inadequate during a shuttle launch in 1986, leading to a major redesign.

Leadership skills emphasized: Ethics, Communication skills of engineers, Coordination among multiple agencies

Obtaining the Case Study: PDF, Multimedia CD-ROM, Online


Lorn Manufacturing

Company: Lorn Manufacturing

Problem studied: Highlights the importance of safety and serviceability considerations in the design of a lap-winder machine used in a textile mill. The case study describes how a worker in a textile mill lost three fingers while performing maintenance on this machine and follows the ensuing court case.

Leadership skills emphasized: Impact of legal issues on engineering decisions, Role of engineers as expert witness, Communication skills of engineering leaders

Obtaining the Case Study: PDF, Multimedia CD-ROM, Online

Mauritius Auditorium Design

Mad Case Study Front Cover

Company: Larsen & Toubro Ltd.

Problem studied: The design of the polyvalent hall at Mauritius was initially well received when used for a U.N. conference, but while preparing for a rock concert the acoustics in the hall were found to be unsatisfactory. This case study focuses on the steps the Indian construction company needed to take to solve the problem, both technically and ethically.

Leadership skills emphasized: Inventiveness of engineers when resolving problems quickly, Connections between civil engineering, acoustics, building design, finance, and global project management.

Obtaining the Case Study: PDF, Multimedia CD-ROM, Online