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MECH 7990: Research and Thesis

MNGT 7980: MMIS Project (3 to 6 credit hours)

Work with a company to study a global R&D problem in partnership with other students, simulate the problem in company and university laboratories, document the problem as a case study, submit the case study to the company for review and approval, and disseminate the materials. A written version of the project will be developed as a case study and used in preparing the thesis documentation. The company will be requested to make any modifications/ changes to the case study and provide appropriate permission so that the case study can be released for academic use. Depending on the project, faculty member with expertise on the research problem will visit the company during the project period to provide guidance, work with the industry partner, and resolve any problems.

A case typically is a record of an issue that has been faced by engineers or managers, together with surrounding facts, opinions, and prejudices upon which decisions have to depend. These real and particular cases are then presented to students for considered analysis, open discussion, and final discussion as to the type of action which should be taken. After the students have arrived at a solution, their decisions, results, or proposals are compared to the solution that was actually adopted by the company that had the problem. As part of developing the case studies, the graduate students will also prepare an instructor’s manual that will include a course map, instructional strategies, assignments, and expected responses from the students. Help to instructors will be provided through the Instructor Support System maintained by LITEE. When possible, the students are also encouraged to be present in the undergraduate classes when the case studies are implemented. They receive feedback from the students and use it to further refine the case studies.