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Instructor Support System

Instructor Support System

Instructors using the LITEE case studies can find support through our Instructor Support System (ISS).

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ISS was created so that instructors implementing the LITEE case studies had extended support beyond the case study materials. Instructors may be presenting materials beyond the realm of their expertise, and in such cases may be faced with questions and problems about which they are uncertain. The ISS has been developed with these instructors in mind.

The ISS offers links to specific case studies, help topics, and links to other instructors’ papers and projects, giving all instructors a frame of reference for implementing the case studies, regardless of where they teach. The system also allows instructors to share their own papers, their students’ work, and evaluations of the case studies with instructors all over the country and the world. Search functions allow instructors to look through various uses of their case studies at other universities. This allows instructors to better plan their own implementation of the case study.

Instructors using the case studies are encouraged to take advantage of the ISS. Use our questionnaires and share your feedback with us so that we can continue to adapt and refine the LITEE case studies.