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The projects completed in the LITEE curriculum follow a general path towards a more advanced understanding of engineering principles as they are used in the real world.


Undergraduate courses begin teaching make-do design projects in the first year of engineering education. Through these projects the students are introduced to the skills engineering students must possess to be successful and are encouraged to experiment with design and construction within the parameters set by the instructor.

Upper-level undergraduate classes stem from this introduction to engineering principles. Students taking these courses are introduced to the more practical applications of engineering design and the importance of understanding both business and engineering concepts in these applications




Graduate course projects build on the expertise students bring from their undergraduate experience. At this level, students are introduced to the principles of creating a case study that can teach practical applications to engineering theories. Their projects are the case studies themselves, a combination of the basic design/construction principles and engineering theory, practical applications to these theories, and the pedagogical skills necessary to explain them in an interesting and engaging way.