Course Schedule

Course Schedule

1/9: Introduction

1/14: Team working

1/18: Individual assignment I due:

Using internet identify potential projects that will provide value added to the community in the future by better interaction between engineers and business people. Write a one-page note on one of them and upload it. (Global Team work for Energy Solutions) (Engineers without borders) (Business without borders) (IRES, NSF) (Global Warming)

1/16: Guest Lecture on IT Disaster Recovery for the City of Gulf Shores, AL and possible projects

1/23: Selection of students for work on IT Disaster Recovery Project at Gulf Shore, AL and other projects; Basic Principles of Project Management; Introduction to Microsoft Project Software

1/25: Individual Assignment II due:

Discuss characteristics of high-performing teams and illustrate them with examples from a team that you had participated in the past.

1/28: Safety and Standards: Guest Lecture

1/29: E-Journal #1 due

1/30: Lorn case study analysis lab

2/4: Lorn case study mock trial presentation (team assignment I)

2/6: Review of progress on projects (show project timelines)

2/11: Test #1 on Lorn, Team working, Standards, & Safety

2/18-2/20: Design

2/25: STS 51-L case analysis lab; Team assignment II on STS 51-L case study.

2/27: STS 51-L design exercise presentation (team assignment II)

3/3-3/5: Decision making

3/10-3/12: Della case study lab

3/13: E-Journal #2 due

3/17: Review of work on Project

3/19: Della case study individual assignment upload (individual assignment III):

Della case study individual assignment upload (individual assignment III; 80 points): Each student will read the decision-making chapter, and analyze the case study CD-ROM. Provide a recommendation with strong justifications to Sam Towers. Upload the write-up to the Web-CT. Write-up needs to include: Summary of problem (20 points) Your recommendation to management and justification (20 points) Use of the decision making flow-chart, psychological considerations theories, the decision tree, information from external references, and information from the CD-ROM in justifying your recommendation is strongly encouraged (40 points)

3/31: L&T Remote Data Synchronization case study

4/2-4/7: L&T Remote Data Synchronization case lab

4/9: L&T Remote Data Synchronization case presentation (team assignment III)

4/14: Test #2: STS-51L, Decision Making, Della case, L&T Remote Data Synchronization case

4/16-4/23: Work on Project

4/18: E-Journal #3 due

4/28: Project Presentations