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Course Assessment Tools

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Course Assessment Tools

In order to learn more about how LITEE works in the classroom, LITEE program instructors give students surveys to complete at the beginning and end of the semester or case study project. The first questionnaires ask the students to consider their initial responses to the class, to engineering in general, and what they expect to gain from their classroom experience. At the end of the semester, the students are given another survey that asks many of the same questions as the first survey, but also asks the students how they feel the course could be improved.

The two survey approach to assessing the LITEE curriculum gives the LITEE team and other researchers a starting point for students’ performances in a LITEE program classroom (and in some cases, a classroom that doesn’t participate in the LITEE program). The research gained from these surveys is invaluable to the continuing development of the LITEE program. The students’ input gives LITEE developers and participants an idea of how the program is able to change students’ perceptions of themselves and their role in engineering, as well as the role of engineering in the world.

Below are links to some of the assessment tools LITEE has used in various classrooms.


Lab behavior Assessment