Course Outline

Course Outline


Week 1: Jan. 13

Class: Course Introduction, Introduction to Excel

Lab: Assignment #1 on Excel


Week 2: Jan. 20

Class: Teaming

Lab: Assignment #2: Teaming Exercises


Week 3: Jan. 27

Class: Teaming & Leadership; pre-learning questionnaire

Lab: Assignment #3: Introduction to powerpoint


Week 4: Feb. 3

Class: Safety & standards

Lab: Quiz #1; Lorn case study: Explanation of Lorn case study and team assignment


Week 5: Feb. 10

Class: Machine elements

Lab: Lorn case study: Mock trial & Debate preparation


Week 6: Feb. 17

Class: Understand impact of engineering solution in a societal context

Lab: Team Assignment #1: Lorn case study: Mock trial & Debate


Week 7: Feb. 24

Class: Test #1: Assessing capabilities gained using Lorn Case Study

Lab: Assignment of Design Project: Start work on project


Week 8: March 3

Class: Engineering design; Solid Edge

Lab: Quiz #2; Assignment #4: Solid Edge: Part Modeling


Week 9: March 10

Class: Guest lecture: Engineering communication

Lab: Assignment #5: Solid Edge: Assembly & Draft


Week 10: March 24

Class: STS 51-L Case Study with emphasis on design

Lab: STS 51-L case study: Explanation of case study and team assignment


Week 11: March 31


Lab: STS 51-L Case Study: Preparation of presentation


Week 12: April 7

Class: Ability to analyze and interpret data

Lab:  Team Assignment #2: STS 51-L case study presentation


Week 13: April 14

Class: Test #2; Assessing capabilities gained using STS 51-L Case Study; Matlab

Lab: Assignment # 6: Matlab


Week 14: April 21

Class: Design Project Question and Answer

Lab: Design Project Competition


Week 15: April 28

Class: Summary of course; Assessment of learning

Lab: Analyze Course Expectations and Comments; post-learning questionnaire


Monday, May 4: 8.00 – 10.30 a.m. – Test #3