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Expectation and Policies

Expectation and Policies

You can expect to be challenged by this class and to experience the excitement of engineering.  Engineering is a profession that allows you to design, create, construct, and maintain products and systems that make the world a better place to live in.  It is fun!  But it is also hard work

You are expected to arrive at class having completed the assigned readings and reviewed the lecture.  You should have outlines of the lecture and the readings and be prepared to ask questions about them.  You should expect quizzes (both individual and team addressing the readings and the lecture).  It is recommended that you schedule roughly 3 hours per week of preparation time for this class (this varies depending upon motivation, aptitude, and efficacy).

You are expected to spend time throughout the semester working with your team on your design project.  This includes time both during lab sessions and activities outside of class.  You can expect to spend roughly 30 hours outside of class and lab over the course of the semester working on your design project (again this varies).

Class and lab attendance counts toward your grade.  Classroom attendance is taken using assigned seating.  Please check the “Seating Chart” prior to each class to determine where you should sit.  The “Chart” will be updated on the Wednesday preceding the coming lecture.  Please notify me if you would like me to modify your name as used on the “Chart.”

A copy of the lecture PowerPoint presentation (excluding activities and quizzes) will be posted in Blackboard roughly one week prior to the lecture.  A complete copy (including quizzes) will be posted after the lecture. Laboratory assignments will be posted to Blackboard roughly one week prior to the lab. A description of the design project is available in Blackboard.

All grades will be posted on the web within one week of your completion of the activity or assignment.  Please monitor your grades on a regular basis.  If a grade is not posted or is posted incorrectly, you must notify me within two weeks of the completion of the activity or assignment.

If you miss a class, lab, or assignment with an excused absence, arrangements can be made within one week of the absence. E-mail will be used extensively in communication.