Course Outline

Course Outline


Modules Dates Chapters Case Study Connection
I. Information Technology, Organization, and Society Week 1 1. Introduction

2. Teamwork: Split into teams & Groups


14. Help on Use of CD-ROMs

Individual Assignment #1: Discuss use of information technologies in modern businesses
II. Information Technology Infrastructure and Tools Week 2 & 3


3. Basics of Operating Systems

In class discussion of CFA

4. Chick-fil-A
Individual Assignment #2: Discuss a modern operating system

Week 3: Chick-fil-A Case Analysis; Illustrates importance of selecting operating systems in fast food restaurant POS systems

Test #1, E-Journal #1: Obtain feedback on learning

II. Information Technology Infrastructure and Tools Weeks 4 & 5:


5. Business Basics and Importance of IT in Financials

In class discussion of Superstar

6. Superstar
Individual Assignment #3: Show importance of spreadsheets in business

E-Journal #2: Obtain feedback on learning

Week 6 & 7 : Superstar Case Analysis: Illustrates how a company makes choice among multiple projects using a spread sheet based decision support system

III. Information Technology Networking Week 8 & 9


7.        Business Ethics

8.        Basics of Telecommunications

9.        Wireless Networks

In class discussion of Powertel

10. Powertel
Individual Assignment #4: Show importance of wireless technologies to society

Weeks 9 & 10: Powertel Case Analysis; Learn about economic issues in building the cell site at an appropriate location versus the cost of losing customer goodwill by dropping calls

Test #2:

IV. Information Technology Used in Business Processes Weeks 11-13


11.Fundamentals of Enterprise Resource Systems (ERP)

– Discussion of Yuquiyu Case Study

12. Yuquiyu Motors
Individual Assignment #5: Interview a company’s use of ERP in its operations and write up a report on that.

Weeks 14-16: Yuquiyu Motors Case Analysis; Illustrates the difficulties a company had in connecting its SAP R/3 system used in manufacturing with the information systems in engineering design such as AutoCAD and ProEngineer

E-Journal #3: Obtain feedback on learning

Comprehensive Final Exam