2006 International Project

Mauritius Auditorium design case study

You can find this case study for free on www.LiteeCases.com

Students involved:

  • Erin Allen, Auburn University
  • David Jackson, Auburn University
  • S. Nithya, IIT, Madras
  • E. Rajasekhar, IIT, Madras

Mad Poster


Automatic Weld inspection case study

You can find this case study for free on www.LiteeCases.com

Student involved:

  • Pramod Rajan

Automatic Weld InspectionWelding-Related Expenditures and Productivity Measurement in U.S. Manufacturing, Construction, and Mining Industries is around 34 million dollars. In order to test these welds in a non-destructive manner, nearly half a million radiographs are being produced every year. Therefore, new methodologies to identify defects in welds from analyzing the radiographs are very important. In particular, identifying defects in the presence of weld ripples and faint indications is critical. This case study aims at developing an algorithm to solve this problem.

Importance of weld ADR

  • General Electric Aircraft Engines
    • Madisonville, Kentucky produces 2.5 million radiographs per year and of them 70% are weld radiographs.
  • GE Industrial
    • Inspection Technologies X-ray testing machines market is 100 M ; 80 % are welds; ADR is a key differentiator.
  • Pipe Mills & Heavy Engineering (Power Sector)
    • produces material 1.5 M Tons/Year and 500 welds/Day.
  • BHEL, Trichy, India
    • produces pipe welds for their boilers (approx 1000 welds per day) and eagerly looking for a weld ADR system in the market.