2008 International Project

NGO: Gandhi Rural Rehabilitation Centre (GRRC) Alampoondi, Tamil Nadu

Student Participant:

  • Amanda Vallone

Problem Statement:

  • GRRC is seeking to expand marketing of its products into the U.S.  and increase the market supply into Europe.
  • GRRC needs new designs for each of the markets.


  • Amanda is helping GRRC design new textile products and apparel that will appeal to the US and European Markets.
  • The products that Amanda designs will be marketed in US and the profits will be used to help sustain GRRC’s activities in India and the War on Hunger Project at Auburn University.

 GRRC Image


Collaborative Partner: National Institute of Technology Trichy

Student Participant:

  • George Vallone
  • Pramod Rajan

NITT Student Participants:

  • K. Ramesh & R. Arun


  • GRRC experiences power disruptions daily.  Power outages last up to 17 hours.   On average the power is disrupted for 180 minutes.


  • To install a solar power system in order to electrify the following devices:
  • Electrifying five (5) sewing machine – 62 W each
  • Replacing ten (10) incandescent lights (40 W each) with Low Powered High Lumens LED

Thermal Comfort Case Study

Student Participant:

  • Jasmine Hamed
  • Clay Dillard
  • Thomas MacAdams
  • E.Rajasekar, IIT Madras.

Problem Statement:

  • The objective of this project was to make apartments more comfortable for their occupants.
  • Larsen & Toubro conducted thermal comfort analysis of residential buildings to evaluate the performance of the construction materials  with respect to thermal comfort

Results and Accomplishments:

  • The work done is summer 2007 is continued in summer 2008.
  • Results provided a comparative analysis to be used in:
  • differences in architectural trends as varied by climatic considerations
  • A multimedia Case on analyzing thermal comfort in buildings was developed for use in classrooms.