2009 International Project

The following students have been selected for US-India International Research Experience Program for 2009

Alexander Pfeiffenberger Alexander is a Computer Engineering student at Auburn University as well as an avid cyclist and amateur photographer. As a member of Auburn’s solar car team and an intern of Auburn’s Office of Sustainability, he is very interested in appropriate and open source technology, specifically the impact of technology on humanity and the environment. Originally from Germany, Alexander enjoys traveling and learning how different cultures see our interconnected world and their role in it.
Michael T. MarsocciI was born on January 26, 1988 in Rhode Island, and have lived there for ever since, with exception to my time studying at Auburn University.  Currently I am a junior in their civil engineering program.  I have had the opportunity to work on many civil engineering projects as an intern at PARE Corporation, including analysis of water distribution systems and doing CAD work.  I also enjoy studying history and economics.  I have traveled to many other countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Ireland, Netherlands, Canada and the United Kingdom.  In leisure time, I enjoy cooking, and playing golf and poker.
  April White

After completion of my M.S. in the Department of Pathology at University of Alabama, Birmingham, I decided to pursue a degree in Veterinary Medicine at Auburn University.  My research experiences throughout undergraduate and graduate school increased my desire to bridge the gap between veterinary medicine and research. As a result, I am currently actively involved in research with the Department of Pathobiology. My future goals are to pursue a residency in pathology and to use this knowledge to further advance the field of veterinary medicine through research and teaching.

  Matthew MadisettyMatthew is currently a junior at Auburn University, and is working towards his Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Sciences. He was awarded Most Outstanding Freshman and Sophomore during his first two years at Auburn. During his third year, Matthew joined a microbiology laboratory under the direction of Dr. Sang-jin Suh. He worked on producing clean deletion alleles of various genes involved in glycerol metabolism in Pseudomonas aeruginosa, to provide a use for glycerol waste during biodiesel production. Matthew plans to spend his final year at Auburn working towards a minor in Business, while applying to medical school.
  Christopher M. Davis

Christopher Davis is a graduating senior at Auburn University, majoring in Mechanical Engineering, with a minor is Business.  Some of Christopher’s skills include solid computer modeling, and stress analysis.  A few of Chris’ interest are Computers, Mixed Martial Arts, and cooking.

  Kellan Michael Strain

Kellan is from Fayetteville, GA.  He graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in Industrial Engineering and a certificate in Engineering Entrepreneurship in August 2008.  Kellan is currently on track to receive his MBA from Auburn University in December 2009.  He has two brothers that also attend Auburn, and in his spare time enjoys golf, football, baseball, and traveling.  After graduation, Kellan plans on getting a job in the supply chain management field somewhere in the southeast.

  Chase Foster

I am in Aerospace Engineering at Auburn University. I will be graduating when I return from India in August 2009. I am currently conducting research in Auburn’s Advanced Laser Diagnostics Laboratory on the use of reaction jets for static and dynamic control on finned bodies. I also co-oped at Chromalloy Florida, a gas turbine repair facility, where I assisted in repair development. Lastly, I will be attending Florida State University in the fall for a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering, and I will be a research assistant at FSU’s Advanced Aerospace Propulsion Laboratory.